Real Film Photo Sessions.


There’s something beautiful and poignant about film photography. Maybe it’s got something to do with our innate longing for quiet - a sense of time slowing down. Or just that the practice of developing film feels reminiscent of the days when we were children, eagerly anticipating the magic reveal of what our cameras would show us? How will our photos turn out?

We have 36 exposures and that's it. They are not guaranteed. The process is slow. You have to shoot the whole roll before you can process the film. Each shot is intentional. Important. The very process of photographing something with film inbues it with significance. Imperfections become meaningful and beautiful on film. Sought after. Cherished.



What's included:


⋙ your choice of a colour or black & white session

⋙  one set of 4x6 prints

⋙ simple online gallery of your session (for when you decide to re-enter the digital world)




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