Styled Bridal Session with G

woman in a wedding dress with stormy sky

Would you believe I paid $16 dollars for this wedding dress? True story. I found it while I was volunteering at a thrift store. Every time I'm in a thrift store I look at the wedding dresses. Usually they are super tacky, or ripped and covered in fake blood from dressing zombie brides in Halloweens past. Not this time.

I've had this dress hanging in my office for months while it patiently waited for me to make a plan to shoot it. And then one day G came over I asked her to try it on and would you believe it looked like it was tailored to her!? A plan was born.

Originally I wanted to try vape and flash and sunsets and none of those things really worked out. But I'm totally ok with that, because these images are *hearty eyes*.

Thanks for being my model G <3

back of lace wedding dress in front of trees
woman in lace dress braided hair with babys breath
back of lace wedding dress braid and flowers in hair
bride in wedding dress flowers in her hair in field

black and white image of bride brushing hair aside

woman in wedding dress turning to look behind her in field
double exposure trees silhouette

back of lace wedding dress flowers in hair

double exposure of silhouette and lavender

black and white image of bride turning to look behind her in forest
woman holding lavender in front of face