Cozy Winter Couple Photos

cute couple in buffalo plaid blanket winter photo session uofguelph arboretum

Winter is such a romantic season - it's filled with cozy sweaters, hats and mitts, sipping cocoa, and the smell of pine and smoke from the fireplace. I LOVE winter photo sessions! More people need to get behind the idea of getting cozy in the cold! And if this adorable winter session doesn't convince you, then I don't know what will.

The day we planned to do this shoot was at risk of being cold, rainy and dreary. I couldn't believe it when I woke up in the morning and saw the gorgeous frosting of snow we got overnight! It ended up being the absolutely perfect winter day for photos! Jordon and Curtis are such a cute couple and I think that really shines through in their photos; I couldn't stop smiling while I was editing.

So if you and your partner are in love with the romance of the season and the idea of getting all cozy together, consider taking your photos in the Winter! Winter is a perfect time for your couple, engagement or proposal photos! It might require a little extra preparation (some extra layers, planning your shoot around the light, and watching the weather), but the result is totally worth it. <3

couple throwing snow in the air winter photo sesion

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