What is Lifestyle Photography? Capturing the story of your life.

Baby Granddaughter holding Grandmother's finger


As a Guelph lifestyle photographer, I'm often asked "What is lifestyle photography?" To me, lifestyle photography is a blend between candid and documentary photography; photographing candid moments to tell the story of your every day! Lifestyle photography is how you get photos with real smiles, true laughter and genuine emotions. The goal of lifestyle photography is to capture the story of you and your family <3 To me, the best part of lifestyle sessions are the little in between moments that you can only capture with candid photography.


Young Grandson palying with Grandmother's necklace.


You can book a lifestyle session for almost any thing you would book a typical portrait session for: family sessions, maternity sessions, newborn sessions, couples photos and engagement photos. But what makes lifestyle sessions my favourite to photograph is that they are about so much more than life's obvious milestones.

You know how you book a photographer for your kid's first birthday party or your parents 50th Anniversary? You don't give a second thought to documenting these important milestones. But what about decorating your Christmas tree, bringing home a new puppy, carving your Halloween pumpkin or baking cookies as a family?

You might not think of these moments when you're thinking of booking a photographer. Of course a first birthday party is something you want to document! Lifestyles sessions allow you to look back on those other, equally magical moments that are what make up life! Because in 20 years what are you going to value more? Everyone sitting pretty and smiling nice-nice at the camera, or that twinkle you get in your eye when the love of your life smiles at YOU <3

I like to recommend lifestyle sessions when families feel awkward getting their photo taken (trust me, I feel your pain. I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera too). Lifestyle sessions are great because they give everyone something to do - which means less time spent worrying about a camera being pointed at you, amirite? Lifestyle sessions are also great for kids; if you've taken family photos before you've probably noticed there's an expiration on your kids patience for sitting still and smiling at the camera haha.


Your lifestyle session is completely customizable! Do you want to do an in-home lifestyle session like Sunday morning breakfast or game night? Or do you want to plan a session in the community like apple picking or learning to skate? You and I will work together to choose an activity that you think everyone in your family will enjoy. This is important because when everyone is having a good time, you will notice genuine smiles instead of strained, awkward faces. Some popular activities for lifestyle sessions are baking cookies, a picnic in the park and making breakfast together on a Sunday morning. What matters most is that you're having fun with the people you love! I'm open to any ideas and I especially love hearing about activities that are unique to you and your family <3

On the day of the shoot, I'll meet you at the location and take photos of you and your family doing your thing. I will be as inconspicuous as possible so you can focus on enjoying your time together and making more memories as a family. (And not to worry, we can always throw a few directed family photos in there for Grandma :)


Lifestyle sessions document those moments in life that you love to reminisce about - enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things (Robert Brault).

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