Adventures in Ireland | Part 1 - Dublin

pearson international airport

We flew out of Pearson Airport Friday night and landed in Dublin Saturday, September 9th around 9 am, local time. I still find it strange to wrap my head around time changes. A part of me feels like I've gained some hours to my life haha.

the coastline as we fly into Dublin, Ireland

Once we got our luggage and rental car (and I decided that, although I thought I was going to be able to drive stick shift for the second time in my life on the opposite side of the road, that there was actually no way in hell that was going to happen), we were on our way to check into our first hotel: The Ashling Hotel.

ashling hotel in dublin, ireland

Once we checked in we wandered the streets trying to find our way to the Guinness tour, with some pretty cool sightseeing opportunities along the way. Like the National Museum of Ireland, that sadly we never go to check out. Beautiful building though.

national museum of ireland, dublin

And this really random swimming race in the middle of the city! Apparently the Dublin City Liffey Swim is an annual thing since 1920 and we just happened to go by when it was about to start. It was started to show citizens the good quality of the water in the Liffey river.

Liffey River swim, dublin, ireland

the ashling hotel, dublin, ireland

Our hotel from across the Liffey River.

taking a photo of a couple in front of a guinness gate

Here is one the many Guinness gates around the city blocks that made it very difficult to figure out where the actual Guinness storehouse was located haha.

waterfall in the guinness storehouse tour

We spent most of our first day at The Guinness Storehouse, of course. This was like a museum for people who like beer. Or people who just like really cool things. It's 7 floors of interactive Guinness history combined with Irish history. The displays are interactive and fun, and the best part is when you get to the gravity bar at the top for a pint!

roasting floor of the guinness storehouse tour

guinness tasting time

Looking down to the entrance from an upper floor in the Guinness Storehouse.

gravity bar at the guinness store house

Looking up to the Gravity Bar at the top of the Guinness Storehouse.

This was the pub right below the gravity bar. They had some amazing live Irish music. I'm not even kidding when I tell you it brought a tear to my eye <3

This the Brazen Head, officially Ireland's oldest pub - dating back to 1198. This was our first taste of real irish food and it was ah-mazing. I had a guinness and steak stew. Recommend.

Milennium bridge, dublin

The millennium bridge, built in 1999 to commemorate, you guessed it, the millennium.

Stay tuned for more Irish things.

xo Sandy

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