The 2ish Things That Helped Me Live My Best Life - Finding Your Core Values

Hai girl hai!

Feeling like your best self? I feel like I'm constantly working towards self improvement. I kinda just realized it, though. I set little goals for myself, like:

- read before bed

- make a coffee in the morning and SIT DOWN to drink it

- get more steps in - preferably with my dogs

- make healthier food choices, but definitely eat that thing that I want - lol.

And when I work towards these goals and meet them I get immense satisfaction. Like motivation fuel for the rest of my day, sometimes my week.

So, two weeks ago I completed a week long course with the intention of refining my brand and learning to work smarter not harder so I could have more time to actually live my life. I had hoped to find out the WHY of my business and ended up discovering some of my personal WHY in the process as well.

The course, First Steps to Freelance, was created and hosted by Kelsey Kerslake. of Pinegate Road, a boutique branding studio for creative businesses. Kelsey strives to help her clients build their dream brands and businesses with a human connection.

There are so many workshops, courses, meet ups, summits, masterminds, etc, etc, etc, and I know they mean well, I do. But I'm pretty skeptical of most of them now. I feel like I usually walk away with vague ideas of how to make my business better. Or I learned about a concept I already knew. But explained in a different way. I only have so much time to give and although I wish I had all the time in the world to dedicate to education, (because I actually find this shit fun), I don't.

Kelsey offered ACTIONABLE results from this course, which is what convinced me to give her a shot. Her course is one of the first I've taken where I felt that I walked away with tools to immediately help my business AND my personal life. The concepts she taught me are pretty simple so I feel a little silly making such a big deal about them, but they legit have already improved my life.


Actually, your ideal schedule. Schedule the shit that matters to you! lol ya it's that simple. And listen, I know that there is never enough time. This is coming from someone who works full time, has a business, has a partner, has 3 animal dependents, friends and family and personal goals to meet. And that doesn't even touch on SELF CARE.

Scheduling out my time has helped me be more productive this week. But I've also adopted a morning routine which helps me work towards meeting FOUR of my personal goals before most peoples' days have even started. If this is already feeling overwhelming to you, I feel you. Like HOW do I fit in all the things I need to do, let alone the things I want to do. Priorities, people. And understanding that Rome wasn't built in a day. (Ya, I went there.) Priorities are a nice segue into the other take away from this course that I'm finding really helpful. I like segues.


Identifying your core values - the things that at your core, are most important to you - is a really great way to learn more about yourself. I know this sounds like something you should just instinctively *know* about yourself, but it's more difficult to identify than you might think. If I asked you what your core values were right now, what would you say? Were your answers vague? Mine were. That's ok. Take some time to really think about what's important to you and why you do the things you do. I can tell you that my business' core values are Community & Friendship, Elevate the Everyday and Authentic Connection. These are business examples but can easily translate to personal values too. Some of them do for me.

More importantly than just knowing your core values, use them to guide all the decisions you make. For example, if one of your values is family, you should keep family in mind with every decision you make and family should be one of the first things you make time for in your schedule. Using your core values to guide all your decisions will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life! Live your best life, bish! <3

pug living the life getting belly scratches

If you're anything like me, you only have so much time to give. But if you're going to bed at night thinking "oh my fucking god, I'm not taking action towards the things I want in my life", then I really recommend that you take the time to dive deep into what really matters to you - journal, dig into your why, take a course - and if you're still feeling stuck or need a little more support, hire a professional!


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