Downtown Guelph Surprise Proposal | Bethany + Sara

Locations: Heffernan Street Footbridge, Downtown Guelph, Goldie Mill Park & Ruins, Downtown Guelph | Custom engagement ring from Macadi in Elora, ON

custom engagement ring from Macadi Jewellery in Elora, Ontario

When Sara approached me about shooting her surprise proposal to Bethany I was SO excited. We schemed for weeks about how to get her downtown without giving away the surprise. The morning of, Sara told Bethany she had to run an errand before they went out for their date day, but really she was meeting up with me to pass off the champagne and do a mini shoot with the ring. I'm so glad we made the time to do this; the images we got were totally worth the little bit of extra time and planning!

Sara left to pick Bethany up for their brunch date and I went downtown to find an inconspicuous parking spot and hide under the bridge... like a photographer troll. Sara and I kept in contact via text (and maybe some snaps) so I was ready for their arrival. Once they started walking across the bridge, I snuck up behind them and documented the magic unfolding. Proposals are definitely my new favourite thing to shoot <3

couple walking across Heffernan Street Footbridge

canoes in a rack near the river and dock

flower ceremony on footbridge downtown Guelph

rose ceremony downtown Gueph footbridge

rose ceremony proposal downtown bridge

surprise proposal heffernan bridge downtown guelph

couple hugging after getting engaged

popping a bottle of champagne after getting engaged

couple toasting and kissing after getting engaged

champagne and flutes on the bridge